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Parenting Shutdown 2013 [While I was furloughed for two weeks, I posted the following Facebook updates almost daily. Here they all are in one place, as requested by some friends and family who don’t do Facebook and somehow live to tell … Continue reading

Thanks for checking out my Web site! I’m afraid I’ve been awful about updating it. I blame my sons. They’re 4 and halfway to 2 — very blameworthy ages, if you ask me. But this is the year of my … Continue reading

A woman at my reading last night told me her grandparents were married 75 years.  At their 70th anniversary party, they found her grandmother hiding in a closet, smoking a cigarette.  And you thought I made this kind of stuff … Continue reading

What do roller skates, spray paint, Twinkies, and a couple scenes from my novel have in common?  All conceived in Chicago, where I’ll be reading next Tuesday at 7 pm at the Book Stall (actually in Winnetka, a northern suburb).  … Continue reading

Are you one of the 30,000 people going to Book Expo America?  Come say hi!  HarperCollins booth, Wednesday, noon, free books, free autographs, me … in either my princess, storm trooper, or dominatrix outfit.  Or maybe all three.

I was so touched by Howard Norman’s introduction and the turn-out at my DC reading.  Thanks to everyone who came!  FYI: rumors that I was seen sipping from a flask (at 7 months pregnant) have not been confirmed.

Reason #267 why pregnancy is fun: a woman I never met from AZ writes about how much she liked my book and I can’t stop crying because I love her so much.

If bestselling Chinese author Zhang Yiyi undergoes 10 surgeries to look like Shakespeare, maybe I’ll get surgery to look like Zhang Yiyi.  I’m so getting the hang of this book publicity stuff!   —

DC friends, a heads up — I’ll be reading from my new novel, The Ninth Wife, at Politics & Prose on May 15th at 1 pm. Free Volkswagen Beetles will be given to all audience members.

I just got the bound galleys of my novel. (Due out May 10th.) Did I mention it’s an action-packed thriller about a Swedish girl with a tattoo who falls in love with a vampire while eating, praying, and loving? I … Continue reading